Top-notch Stock to Watch: Northrop Grumman (NOC)


Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) has provided some facts concerning the development of the first module for a moon-orbiting station. The corporation has chosen a contractor for a new communications technology and may in the future purchase a viable business.

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NOC was awarded a contract in 2019 to develop the first livable module for the Gateway circumlunar facility. This came as a surprise, but a module named HALO (Gateway Habitation and Logistics Outpost) is already in the works, with Northrop planning to finish assembly and launch preparations in 2024.

The module is significant because it is the first component of an ambitious effort to build the most distant livable space station in astronautic history. And Northrop Grumman (NOC) incorporates cutting-edge technology into it with the expectation of many years of operation.

The HALO module will reportedly employ a Wi-Fi space router from the private business Solstar Space. This is similar to a home router, however, it is designed to function in space. It will enable communication within the module, as well as communication with other modules and the Moon-Earth communication system.

Cables were previously used for this. Aside from the difficulty of placing connectors and running wires, it was often necessary to go into space and manually attach plugs to the new module. A wireless network does not have these issues since containers containing experiments or other equipment do not even need to be physically attached to the station.

NASA intends to establish a wireless network dubbed LunaNet in lunar orbit in the future to enable continuous contact between all spacecraft, including lenders, and the Earth. This is a new route for Northrop Grumman’s (NOC) space Internet of things. It is not impossible that Solstar Space will someday merge with Northrop.

The stock has lost -0.61 percent in the last month, gained 8.25 percent in the last three months, and gained 25.10 percent in the last six months. NOC is predicted to have experienced 3.50 percent price volatility in the last week and 2.80 percent volatility in the previous month.


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