Why Is The InMed (INM) Stock Rising Today?


Following the launch of registration for a webinar, shares of InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: INM) were up 3.83% at $2.98 at the time of the most recent check in active trading.

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INM has been registered for which webinars?

Eric A. Adams, CEO of InMed, and Eric Hsu, SVP of Preclinical Research and Development, have been invited to speak at Tribe Public’s webinar presentation and Q&A session titled “Exploring the Neuroprotective Qualities of Rare Cannabinoids,” it was announced by InMed (INM). On November 17, 2022, the Event is set to start at 8.30 am Pacific/11.30 am Eastern.

Please visit Tribe Public LLC at INMNOV17.TribePublic.com to sign up for the free, ZOOM webinar-based event. Once registered, attendees may start sending research@tribepublic.com their inquiries for InMed’s management or ask questions during the event through the ZOOM chat tool. John F. Heerdink, Jr., a Managing Member of Tribe Public, will serve as the event’s host and communicate all inquiries to management.

INM backs the following awareness campaigns:

InMed is funding campaigns to increase public knowledge of the uncommon hereditary connective tissue illnesses known collectively as epidermolysis bullosa. 2022’s Global Awareness Week for Epidermolysis Bullosa will be from October 25–31.

Epidermolysis bullosa, also known as EB, can be extremely painful and leave open wounds and painful blisters that take a long time to heal. EB is a serious but uncommon illness that does not receive the attention it requires. In order to encourage the essential research and funding to work towards improved treatments and, eventually, a cure to enhance the lives of persons with EB, the community can unite during EB Awareness Week to promote awareness of epidermolysis bullosa. InMed is conducting a Phase 2 research on EB patients in the hopes that their cannabinol cream may significantly reduce symptoms.

How will INM develop going forward?

InMed (INM) will educate the public and support the EB community throughout EB Awareness Week by sharing personal EB stories on its social media platforms. By raising awareness and keeping up with the activities of significant organizations like DEBRA of America, DEBRA Canada, DEBRA International, and EB Research Partnership, you can aid INM in supporting EB patients, families, and advocacy groups.


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