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Welcome to the Newsdaemon.com. An E-business and Stockmarket news website that covers detailed information on Stock markets and Equities!

Editor in Chief

Shaun Noe

Since completing his Post-graduation in E-commerce from the University of Manchester UK almost 5 years ago, Shaun Noe has been writing blogs. Shaun is the main man who has originally planned to set up this website, where he can make a team of talented individuals create quality content to help the reader attain their investment targets.


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Steve Mayer

Steve is a passionate individual and is a veteran in monitoring and investing in the world’s stock markets. He took a post-graduate degree in Finance from the University of Bradford. Steve is now taking this platform to showcase experience and knowledge with the readers interested in stockmarkets investments.


Sana Meer

Sana has been writing online for almost 3 years and has expertise in Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Marketing, and Technology. Having experience in the freelance market adds to her experience. She is also doing her Post-graduation in Business Economics from Western University in London, Ontario. Along with her writing skills, she holds a strong knowledge of stock markets. Sana got interested in online writing after successfully making portfolios for her colleagues, taking an interest in the market’s investments. Since then, her reports were regularly published in different e-business magazines.


 Zach King

 Zach is a professional content writer and eBook writer. His research skill alongside putting his know-how into words makes him an essential part of the team. Zach is a Mass communication and IT graduates and knows better than anyone how to make his content look more appealing. One of the reasons behind his online content’s popularity is his ability to deliver on time with assurance of desired quality.

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